Sunday, 24 November 2013

House Assembly and Site Touch-Ups

Finished Site

Angle Grinding

I accidentally set off the smoke alarm while angle grinding the contours.

The only issue with this system is that it is ludicrously messy.  Saw dust got everywhere.

Contours, Clamps and Contact Adhesive

The Issue with Tissue

After a day or two some black lines started to appear on the tissue.  I figured it was some sort of reaction between the brass and the PVA glue.

A few days after that the tissue went semi-transparent and patchy.  I had to remove it and try again with a different adhesive.

Component Fabrication Attempt #19: Angle Grinding Contours

Here is the test I did for plywood contours.  I used contact adhesive to layer the contours and then clamped them together, then using an angle grinder I sanded them smooth.

I used a woos stain and an oil on different sides to try and get different effects from the wood.